Friday, September 14, 2007

is this you?

i found this article about anthropologie's retail philosophy at Oh Happy Day, and its fascinating.

check out how they describe their average customer:

Ask anyone at Anthropologie who that customer is, and they can rattle off a demographic profile: 30 to 45 years old, college or post-graduate education, married with kids or in a committed relationship, professional or ex-professional, annual household income of $150,000 to $200,000. But those dry matters of fact don't suffice to flesh out the living, breathing woman most Anthropologists call "our friend." Senk, 46, says, "I like to describe her in psychographic terms. She's well-read and well-traveled. She is very aware -- she gets our references, whether it's to a town in Europe or to a book or a movie. She's urban minded. She's into cooking, gardening, and wine. She has a natural curiosity about the world. She's relatively fit."

they go on to say: The Anthropologie customer is affluent but not materialistic. She's focused on building a nest but hankers for exotic travel. (She can picture herself roughing it with a backpack and Eurail pass -- as long as there is a massage and room service at end of the trek.) She'd like to be a domestic goddess but has no problem cutting corners (she prefers the luscious excess of British cooking sensation Nigella Lawson to the measured perfection of Martha Stewart). She's in tune with trends, but she's a confident individualist when it comes to style. She lives in the suburbs but would never consider herself a suburbanite.

The Anthropologie woman is not so much conflicted as she is resistant to categorization. Her identity is a tangle of connections to activities, places, interests, values, and aspirations. She's not married with two kids: She's a yoga-practicing filmmaker with an organic garden, a collection of antique musical instruments, and an abiding interest in Chinese culture (plus a husband and two kids). It's no coincidence that Julia Roberts is the celebrity avatar of Anthropologie. Not only is she a frequent shopper (along with many of Hollywood's strongest-minded women, including Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, and Madonna), but her bohemian-chic wardrobe in The Mexican was Anthropologie sourced.

wow. what do you think? is this you?


Emily said...

the only things i own from there my mother has bought. and that is her.

DawnMarie said...

Well, they nailed the wine part....I love me some wine.

Mary said...

The whole Nigella vs Martha thing is right. They lost me at Julia Roberts, though. :P

megs said...

i own like a million things from anthropologie because its down the street from me. but seriously. once i make over 150 K a year im not going to be backpacking anywhere. gag.

megs said...

shes relatively fit? what does that mean? NOT FAT? because every time i am in there there are a ton of women who are flabby and skinny and have no muscles.

i think i hate senk. but i bet she makes a ton of money.

Jennifer said...

I just looked up Glen Senk and he is over 50 now. This article is over 4 years old. Anyhow, I do think that there are some good things said. definitely has some romance behind it.


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