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peas out.

By 8/30/2007

we're leaving for the beach at 5am tomorrow morning. brian went to virginia this evening to buy a boat (probably) and he's bringing it back tonight - yes, to sit beside the OTHER boat that lives in front of our house - and then we have to get it to the beach early so he can park it there.

before you think we need to be on mtv cribs/boats, let me divulge. boat #1 doesn't run. hasn't ever. since he's had it. it just sitssitssitisstisits in front of our house. and its big. so its all in front. just the boat.

he's selling that one on ebay. i was sort of amused he did so much mentioning of me in the ad. crazy, huh? you'd think i WANTED him to get rid of it? anyways, he wrote a novel about it. i was oddly impressed when i read it.

in conclusion, have a great long weekend. avoid laboring at all costs. buy brian's boat, and holla at your girl.


  1. apple panda!
    you can sell it in our yard sale this weekend!