Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i like this living room a lot

its white. it has poofs! it has a lovely marimekko print on the wall that is like my shower curtain. it has a neat lamp. rug! nice wood and leather chair. lots of light. pretty wood floors. i'm sitting on my front porch in the dark and a bug just crashed violently into my computer screen.


Mary said...

Hello there, total stranger! I saw your comment over on "Making It Lovely", followed your link and - surpise - I found a neighbor! Or a pseudo-neighbor, since I live in Durham. Anywho, just a note to say I really love your style & I'm definitely adding your blog to my favorites. :)

MissEm said...

I have that shower curtain too! How funny would it be to have a framed version put up next to the plastic model. People would think you were nuts!

megs said...

where do you get marimokki prints.


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