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By 6/24/2007

anthropoligie has some gorgeous knobs.

my mom is looking for hardware for the new painted desk.

i don't just randomly go knob shopping, in case you were wondering.


  1. ok. as a frequent buyer of anthropologie knobs i will say this.. try to buy them in the store.. if you cant ONLY buy knobs that have the piece of metal THROUGH THEM. ANYTHING glued on will totally fall apart. then you just have a stub on your drawer and you spent 20 dollars and you are mad.

    also.. another problem is sometimes the threading on the back of them is like corroded and they cant actually be tightened.

    it sucks when you get stuff home and it doesnt work.. so check to make sure that it threads on right and just dont buy anything that doesnt have hardwear all the way through it.