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easy summer cobbler

By 6/27/2007

cobbler is easy, and delicious.

line the bottom of a pyrex dish with a ready made pie crust.

(my mom said something one time about flour, but i didn't quite process all of it, so i just sprinkle some on the piecrust - dunno why?)

then plop some fruit in. berries or peaches usually. or both. fresh or frozen. whateve.

then! sprinkle some = alot of sugar on the fruit

put a second pie crust on top.

dab some butter splats all over the top

then cut some holes in the top so she doesn't explode, and bake at 350 for ... a while (until some browness starts happening on top)

serve with ice cream!


  1. Ha! This is my kind of receipe fo sho.

  2. yee.um.
    love the recipe.
    you should write an "i suwannee" cookbook.

  3. i need cobbler right now. olivia