Monday, May 21, 2007

you otta' man

yes sir. i'm about to win this weirdo red metal stool from ebay, and the guy's in raleigh, so i can pick it up = no shipping. then i'm going to cover it in this fabric from reprodepot,

or this one - i'm not sure. thoughts?

and then it will be our much needed kitchen ottoman! hurrah.


Abby said...

definitely the first one! i have found a few patterns on that website, have you ever ordered from them before?
OH YES! we've moved into the house and its looking great. when i get some pics taken this weekend i will make sure to include you for decorating advice! hope all is well!

Claire said...

Cool stool! I like the second fabric better personally, but they're both great.

megs said...

i like the second fabric way better.

leigh said...

i like the dark pattern better


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