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pay it forward

By 4/25/2007

ok i'm cringing a little as a write this, because most people know that i want to kick haley joel osment in the face.

but, i like this idea of paying it forward, despite haley joel mostly ruining it for me by being a tiny chaunce machine in the movie. argh, just typing haley joel made me vomit a little in my mouth.

my bf jennifer and i had a similar idea one night --we were going to compliment a lady a day for 1 year, and see how it made a difference in our lives. you know how getting a random compliment always makes your day? what if you made someone's day everyday!
long story short, we haven't done it yet.

anyways. we don't have drive thru coffee places, but i'll figure something out.


  1. i laughed out loud when i read this b/c i know how much you hate little hayley joel and how many years it has been since it all began. i guess it was when the sixth sense came out? wonder whatever happened with his DUI charge?