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By 4/20/2007

some people register for china, some don't.

i did

valerie is.
lauren did.
what are your thoughts?


  1. i like china. we already have 2 full sets of dinner plates, so i think i'll register for it. one day.

  2. i like it sometimes, but there are other things i would rather have first. i dont think id use it that much.

  3. we did not register for formal china and most days i am glad about it. pretty much everyone i know who has it lets it sit in a box or a cabinet and never uses it. BUT i think if they made more modern/non-traditional china and i found something i liked i would have registered for it. for now, i'll stick to my crate & barrel nuit and white square asian plates i found at steinmart :) have you used your tiffany yet jima?