Sunday, April 29, 2007

anna's the breast

don't you think?

we're back from merlefest. i stink. it was good times. i heard the funniest story that i have EVER heard in my whole life that i would love to tell you, but it is just so horribly inappropriate anyway you look at it, so i can't. but... i'm still giggling about it now.

i came home to find my swap package sitting on the doorstep. for crying out loud, it was fabulous. andrea bought out anthropologie, and sent it to me. everything was absolutely beautiful. she also sent one of marta's handmade notebooks that is the loveliest thing ever. i'll post some more pics later when i've mastered the art of taking pictures without a camera.


anna said...

i wanna hear this story!!! who did you hear it from? anyone i know???

megs said...

i want the story. you need a camera. i found one you should buy.

I'm Andrea said...

i'm so glad you like it! i still haven't seen yours yet. i hope it didng get lost in the mail.


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