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pink fiasco

By 3/27/2007

on saturday, i spent 3984 million back-breaking hours painting the guest room Cotton Candy.
i did the trim, i taped off the ceiling, everything.

but, there were a few spots that needed touching up, so i go back to lowes on sunday and get more Cotton Candy.

i get home, do all the touch up, and go over the walls one quick time just to make sure i got everything, then it dries.

its now pink chintz.

lowes gave me pink chintz instead of cotton candy.

so, i had to go back and repaint the ENTIRE room. trim and all.

this took almost all of sunday.

i thought i would die on monday. my shoulders hurt, my thighs hurt, i still have paint in my hair.
painting sucks.


  1. class action lawsuit. or at least make them give you a refund.