Monday, March 19, 2007

great expectations

a couple of my friends are going to the beach with me next weekend. i asked anna what we'd do. she quickly replied,

"we will think positive thoughts and have lovely weather. we will have lots of fun. we will eat yummy mexican food and drink margaritas. but we will not be hungover. we will shop and find cute things. we will look like supermodels in our bathing suits. we will gossip...i mean "discuss" lots of pertinent things. we will have lots of fun magazines to share. we will have extra large colorful beach towels and sun hats. we will wear spf 30 to protect our radiant skin. we will laugh a lot. we will build a sand castle. we will take lots of adorable pics and post them on myspace so everyone will be jealous of our beach trip. we will attract the attention of lots of hot men, but then crush their hopes when they find out we're all taken :) ummm....what else?"


Claire said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan! Have fun!

julien said...

JEALOUS> so jealous. we were supposed to go but we're not. pout.

Abby said...

i'm so ready. cheers to anna for describing our perfect weekend!


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