Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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raleigh denim

we're proud to claim sarah and victor lytvinenko, the founders and designers behind raleigh denim, as raleigh-folks.  design-darlings in the denim world, these guys brought sexy back to home-grown jeans, opening a warehouse and retail store in downtown raleigh, where they manufacturer their eponymous line, and last year, opening a flagship in nyc's nolita.

every pair of jeans made in their downtown factory is signed and numbered by the duo.  the button-holes are created with vintage machines older than prohibition, their denim is sourced from a hundred year old mill in greensboro, nc, and their pants are left long so that they can be custom tailored with machines from the 1920s to perfectly fit their new owner.  their labels boast 'made by non-automated jeansmiths', and their patterns are created by 79 year-old christel ellsberg, one of levi strauss' first pattern makers.

we visited their workroom last week, and after a fascinating tour of the sewing floor, spent some time coveting just about everything in their shop, the curatory.  they stock all of their styles of men and women's denim, as well as other lines like band of outsiders, ishi, billy reid and harvey fair cloth.  you can find raleigh denim jeans at nordstrom, barney's, bloomingdale's and east dane.

see below for a new feature i'm adding to these spotlights on raleigh businesses: a q&a with the entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of crafting a new raleigh, merging the old with the new and doing it with unparalleled style.

learn more from sarah after the photos

q&a with sarah

years in business

number of employees
about 20

where do you find inspiration
travel.  history.  nature.  the parts of our lives + ourselves that we want to be better at, or have more of.

what gets you most excited about getting out of bed in the morning
ice cream.  i get out of bed, go straight to the freezer, eat ice cream from the container, and then i wake up.

name the culture of your business in three words
authentic, personal, diverse

favorite place to travel
hot sun, clear water

what scares you the most (in biz or otherwise)
getting stuck, especially for reasons beyond my control

bootstrapping or funding?
bootstrapping for a long time.  some funding last year.

three most important characteristics of an entrepreneur
curiosity, perseverance, naivete

what is your current state of mind?

why does your business work?  to what do you attribute your success?
i'm not really sure - but i think we have a special combo of interests: we got lucky on timing, have the very best friends and family, work our butts off, and haven't quit.  anything beyond that is probably magic.

which words of phrases do you most often overuse?

work hard or work smart?
work hard first, then work smart, then work hard some more.  i wish i was better at working smart from the beginning.

your biggest extravagance
shoes, food and travel

one piece of advice you'd give a prospective entrepreneur
have a personal board of directors.

what are your thoughts on failure?
it's inevitable, so get used to it.  do your best to learn from it, shake it off, and then fail a different way next time.

three favorite spots in raleigh
the greenway to the nc modern art museum, garland's lunch window and the foundation.

photos by gary meyer

Monday, November 24, 2014

praise the bar

it's happening.  this week.  the holidays are here.  i hope your bar is stocked.

we have plenty of little bits to make it pretty (all orders over $150 are shipping for free this week), and here are a few cocktail recipes to get things swilly.

13 ways to drink apple cider
cocktails from food & wine
10 tasty holiday cocktails from real simple

also - these gold metallic taper holders are amazing looking and unbelievably affordable.

add these holiday striped tapers and things are off to a festive start.

this mixer is delicious, makes bartending a breeze and is real pretty to look at

not ready for a tree?  put some branches in a glass jar and it's a low commitment christmas.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

put your foot up

a modern day hokey-pokey, care of beyonce.  for your weekend shenanigans.

Friday, November 21, 2014

feeling festive and grateful

thanks to HGTV magazine for featuring furbish as one of their favorite gift destinations this holiday season.  i couldn't be prouder to be beside west elm, target, moma, and anthropologie, to name a few.

(pride is a sin right?  so maybe i'm just grateful?  nah, i'm proud.  sinfully proud)

is there anything better than...

vacuuming your sofa.

eating a burrito for breakfast.

not being hungover when you should be.

dogs in christmas sweaters.

the smell of something cooking in the kitchen when you get home.

buying a size smaller than you thought you could.

licking batter of a spoon.

a shelf full of books.

realizing you can make it.

freshly painted baseboards.

apple cider and bourbon.

seat heaters in a car.

freshly dry-cleaned clothes.

a sunday new york times.

scoring an old pretty rug with pink in it for cheap.

realizing you're wearing something for the third season.

a really great view.

let's get there today.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

hollerday openhouse this sunday.

come and have some brunch and get boozy with us at the store on sunday.  we're kicking off the holiday season with a 20% storewide discount, tons of gifts ready to grab and give, our favorite ornaments, a new shipment of custom pillows and plenty of good-smelling candles to get your home feeling festive.

closet cravings

Image Map 1- zipper cable knit sweater :: sheinside // 2 - speak of the devil iPhone case :: kate spade // 3 - silk ruffle-hem plaid dress :: madewell // 4 - quilted wool biker jacket :: gap // 5 - rag & bone skinny jeans :: shopbop // 6 camo printed pouch :: sole society // 7 - thunderbird moccasins :: nordstrom // 8 - third eye ear jackets :: baublebar // 9 - heartbeat button-down shirt :: madewell

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

my real life mix

at our in-store event last week, we talked about the fundamentals of mixing prints and patterns.  we were talking specifically that night about tablesettings but i thought it would be helpful to share with the attendees a few example pics of how i mix in real life - to help visualize the concept.

a little floral, a little stripe, add some goodness with a global feel, a bit of boho, classic blue and white, an animal print here and there, some feather, some fringe, a tassel or two and you've got my mix.  (it's hard to mess up!)


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