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turnt up trad

By 1/20/2017
i'm digging the tidy and traditional but still comfy feel from catherine olasky and maximilian sinsteden, two american designers working in london (they did that great bedroom in last year's kips bay show house).

just a few finds for your crib.

By 1/18/2017 ,
english arm sofa // rattan pendant // oushak rug // pillow 
upholstered headboard // wooden lamp (special order) // moroccan pillow // bertoia chair

special edition diptyque candle / tableskirt / rattan chair / eye print

oushak runner / chandelier // coffee table / otomi pillow

huge warehouse sale this weekend

By 1/16/2017
after a record-breaking holiday season online, we've made the tough decision to narrow our focus to e-commerce only.  i've thought long and hard about the kind of company i want to have, the lifestyle i want to lead, and what my every day ideally looks like, and our online business is perfectly poised to continue to grow at comfortable pace that fits into my vision of the future.  

we're going to close the showroom for now on dawson street to shift soley to e-commerce. that being said, we'll still be shipping and receiving out of the warehouse (raleigh peeps, you can still pick up your orders!), and we'll be able to host a party or two (priorities!), but this week will be the last one we're open to the public regular hours.

the good news for local folks is we're having our biggest winter flea yet - this saturday we'll have hundreds of items priced to go, plus furniture floor samples, one-of-a-kind textiles, pillows, rugs, artwork and store fixtures.

and it will be a personal yard sale of sorts.  i'm going to let go of a lot of the treasures from my house. i've been living without most of them for 2 years now, so it seems like as good a time as any to make a fresh start and pass along some of my favorite finds to new homes.  bittersweet, sure, but necessarily nonetheless for me to rebuild.  there will always be more pretty things.  as long as i can count on that, i can stay in the moment, and very grateful for this opportunity to begin again.

yaddayadda bleh.  anyway.  our huge sale is this saturday.  we open to the public at 11, and if you're familiar with furbish sales, things can get a little crazy when folks start to tailgate in the parking lot hours before we open (bojangles is just up the street =).  if you want to beat the line, and have exclusive access for an hour before the crowd, you can purchase a preview ticket here.  you'll be able to shop first and snag some goodness before the insanity starts!


By 1/12/2017
stuart weitzman over-the-knee boots / liz's blog post / wicker sconce

the things i wear for winter

By 1/10/2017
thankfully, this winter i have my wardrobe on repeat with some go-to items that never let me down. let's go over them and you can do with it what you will, mmkay?
1 - isabel marant crisi ankle boots - i can't find these in the black leather anymore, but there are still several colors available.  they are the. most. comfortable., with just enough of a wedge to give you some height.  2 - i can't splurge on the real deal, so these bauble bar knock-offs have been my go to this winter to add a little jangle to evenings.  i have a couple of colors to switch things up.  3 - for the 509th time, i'll tell you how much i love these faux leather leggings from shopbop.  a super steal at $98, they're great in the cold and perfect with a big comfy sweater.

1 - a couple of months ago, i stocked up on baggy sweaters from sheinside.  they're practically free, so i went with several different colors, and i wear them on the reg.  super cozy, and easy - you can throw them in the wash.  2 - i was due for a new leather jacket, so i bought this one in the fall and it's finally worn in nicely.  i think it's a good price at under $400 for real leather.  3 - we're melting here in NC today - there wasn't much snow, but it was extra-freezing, so the ice hung around.  these sorel boots are great if you're going to be outdoors in the snow - i'm headed to aspen later this week so they'll definitely get packed.  4 - when i find something that works, i stick with it.  yal know rag & bone newbury boots are a classic for me.  i love this new grey suede color.  5- this topshop dress is an easy option for a night out with tights, or not if you're brave.  the fit is super-flattering.

1 - super basic, but extra chic, i surprisingly always get comments on this white blouse.  (wearing it with the leather leggings again.) 2 - i love these burberry sneakers so much.  the big buckle and python skin make them extra fly.

1 - if it's not too cold, i'll wear these mother denim jeans several times a week.  the fit is great and i love the length, plus the frayed hem. (if it's extra cold, these are perfect in black)  2 - madewell flannels are a winter go-to for me. under sweaters always, or maybe open with a tee underneath.  (they're on major sale right now!) 3 - my jcrew stadium jacket is still kicking it and keeping me warm - it was a great buy last season (they run big, so go down a size or two).

shadow puppet wallpaper

By 1/09/2017 ,
my laptop is bursting at the seams, so it's time for a purge.  going though the vault and found a few things i didn't share last year.  here's a bedroom i worked on for a lucky little dude in chapel hill.

the wallpaper is by paperboy, the linen pillows are custom, as well as the bolster and roman shade, made from peter dunham fabric  the artwork is sharon montrose.  the chests are from cb2, the headboard is west elm, floating shelves are from ikea and the is desk world market.

hunker down

By 1/06/2017
first off, thank you for all of the kind words on wednesday's post.  i'd been wanting to do that for a very long time, and as scary as it felt, to be received with so much acceptance and encouragement was really amazing.  i appreciate all of the kind words, truly.

if you're anywhere in the southeast, or cali and colorado, you're in for a real winter treat this weekend. i have not gone to the grocery yet, but i imagine arugula and champagne aren't the first to go. who needs meat and bread? cool ranch doritos, eggs, some club soda, a lime, two avocados, nutella and a cookie can get me through at least a week.

if you're stuck inside, light a fire, mix a drank, and get busy moving some stuff around. here's a bit of inspo to get you fired up.

once that's done and you can sit comfortably in your chic surroundings, watch a little west world (at least two to have some semblance of WTF is going on), maybe some insecure, and check out this netflix documentary on hip hop.

also we have about 2907349 great things on major sale as we set our sites on some new stuff launching in 2017.  the sale category is full-up of good stuff, and you can take an additional 15% off with code REFRESH.

telling the truth.

By 1/04/2017
read this fast, because that's how i'd tell you if you were here. i'm getting divorced. it will be finalized in the next few weeks. i've been separated for almost two years - i've been living alone.

shooo. there. i said it. we can slow down.

a few years ago, i decided i wanted something different in life, so i pushed my luck and tried for a new hand. well, i started by discarding a few things i thought i could spare, hoping i'd piece together a full house. i'd get lucky - i always had.

who was i kidding? the whole hand had to be redealt.

i waded in, self-assured i was buoyant, just thinking i'd go for a quick swim - not realizing i'd have to lose sight of the shore before any significant change could happen. i told lies. i took advantage. i was calculated and totally contrived and i thought i was in control.

yal, i started to drown. i grabbed at things to keep from drifting away, unknowingly prohibiting the inevitable flow that needed to happen. if you're anywhere close to this chaos, to divorce, or separation, a major break-up, infidelity -- please know: patience. you get there when you get there. i cannot tell you how true that has proven to be. the only fucking way is through, and there's no set time to make it there. you get there when you let go.

it's been a very strange year of confusion and loneliness, of bargaining, shame, grieving, and of being afraid. but on the other side of that fear, of all of that gross stuff, i've found some lightness. and a lot of honesty. i've learned the only way to find happiness is to risk being completely open.

right now, my marriage, my husband, my identity as a wife - a 'normal' married person - feels like i imagine a phantom limb would. i can sense it there. i remember what it was like to have it. it's close enough to reach out for, but there's no flexibility now - i can't touch what's behind. i can only honor it with kindness for what was it, honesty about what it wasn't, and gratitude for the lessons it's left.

in 2017 i go forward, and through. i work to accept that life isn't going to go how i thought it would, and i'm ok with that - i'm even letting it be exciting. when you try to control things, you can only take one path - the one you know. so i'm learning what i don't know. i'm doing things differently.  in the reverse, i can now sense parts of me that i couldn't quite get my fingers on before.

i've invested in friendships that have sustained me in the dark and brought out more light than i knew existed. i've met someone i connect with in new ways and i'm practicing being loved and loving back. for months i've withdrawn from the blog but i've lived IRL.  i've traveled.  i've had too much to drink. i've not slept enough. i've slept too much.  and cried. and cooked for one. i've been brave. i've annoyed the shit out of my best friends. i've thanked them. i've walked miles, and run a bit and then walked again when i didn't want to sit alone with myself. i dug into my community and found it was there to support me. i washed dogs, and filled notebooks with lists of why and why not, i threw parties, took baths, swiped on tinder, posted inspirational quotes to instagram late at night and i've tried to make a new home feel familiar in a white box perched over downtown. 

there are deep wounds, but also an infinity of opportunities to grow from the lessons of failure, and loss. it's time to rebuild. i'm ready to share again on my blog. thank you for sticking around and supporting a space for me to find my voice, even when it's barely a whisper.  i've built a brand, a way of living really, on sharing discoveries, encouraging adventure, and daring you to find authenticity -- hope you saved room for me; i'm ready to try again.

skb in 2017

By 1/03/2017
in case santa didn't bring you exactly what you wanted, opt for a do-over and pretty please one of these new sally king benedict paintings on exhibit at the hidell brooks gallery in charlotte this month.

2016 memories of the fond type.

By 12/27/2016
just prepare yourself - there's a lot coming at you in the next little bit about my 2016.  you're a smart girl, and i'm sure you've clued into some major changes in my life and timez.  the blog took a swerve away from my personal life for a hot minute, and it was a needed break for me - i started sharing my everyday almost 10 years ago with you, and for a little while, i needed it back.  it's a tale as old as time: bloggers stop blogging, start again, stop, a tree falls in the internet and no one gives a shit.

that being said, i'm ready to divulge - this is me now.   clearly i've been chosen to overcome major adversity, as with any protagonist in a comeback story (HA), and i'm ready to work hard to regain my status as a somewhat-interesting lifestyle blogger.

away we go - let's start the sharing on positive note (bear with me, honesty is best eased into like a jumping off a cliff, right?).

in august, i hosted a dinner party at furbish for 50 friends.  definitely one of the most fun nights of the year - we started with a moroccan mule cocktail hour, followed by a delicious family style traditional moroccan dinner and we ended up dancing in the windows into the next morning.

babylon provided the food, the melrose knitting mill helped with tables and chairs, southern vintage table supplied the gorgeous vintage table settings including the colorful assortment of glasses, CERental did the table linens, nick neptune was in charge of the jams and anna routh took the pics.