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fall 5 - Kayla Brewer

By 10/20/2017
ella wrap dress / prada bag / dunton hot springs / sneakers

fall 5 - donna orr

By 10/17/2017
drunk elephant whipped creme // Maison Louis Marie Le Long Fond Perfume Oil // boots

fall 5 - kaitlin ryan

By 10/17/2017
socks // blazer // wylde flowers // leather boots

just a click away

By 10/16/2017

these are things i've had on a list to share, so let's dump them all right here, shall we?

these sheets.  they're it.  amazingly silky, soft, and cool but just heavy enough, they wash without wrinkling and feel 100% sumptuous.  it's all i have now - 3 of these sets in white on constant rotation.  i feel like if i was mariah carey this would be in my rider, and that feels like a moment - when you've found your thing.  and you can use one of those 394million bed bath & beyond coupons you have to get a deal.

use another coupon for this pillow if you're a side sleeper.  i bought two for aspen and they're exceptional.

my brain is situated on colder climes since i got back from aspen - it's still 80 degrees and humid in raleigh and i just don't know what to do with that.  so my winter best self digs these slippers in white and finds this sweater v. attractive.   she (my winter best self) bought this jumpsuit in aspen to wear for coldness and also to mexico for thanksgiving because i basically never want anything tight to touch my body ever again or anymore.

moving on, we made one small step for the colorado house and one large step for my mental well-being by replacing all of the old towels with new pendleton ones.

these are things i know to be true.  i hope your week is off to a satisfactory start.  i'm going to go to the fair this week - eat cheeto-crusted corn on the cob and watch a demolition derby.  i'm also high-tailing it into holiday mode for furbish - all the gifts, all the inventory, all the pop-ups - it's the most exciting time of the year for a retailer.  we're wrapping up a couple of handsome design projects i'll share as soon as i can, and it might just get fall-like here so i can wear a light sweater or two.

fall 5 - asher gannon

By 10/16/2017
leather leggings // rosewater // faux fur

i got this feeling

By 10/13/2017

fall 5 - bryan costello

By 10/13/2017
incense // books // hudson boots // port

fall 5 - joe bunn

By 10/10/2017
gucci sneakers / topman shirt


By 10/09/2017

book // renee bouchon art // boots

fall 5 - anna barzin

By 10/05/2017
sweater // white juju hat // counter culture coffee / golden goose hi-tops

fall 5 - laura demichiel

By 10/02/2017
dolce vita boots // zara jacket // candle // sky top orchards

fall 5 - rachel hardin

By 9/29/2017
candle / wiliam mclure painting / Astier de Villatte platter // vince boots //  Roxanne Assoulin earrings

fall 5 - jeff hutto

By 9/28/2017
with fall comes an amazing anticipation of change - and it's totally warranted. the weather, foremost - it changes our wardrobe, our activities, our meals.  the shorter days mean more time inside - an opportunity to get cozier - in our homes, with our friends and family, and in our clothes (who's not perennially excited about pulling out their sweaters??) - we draw in, while appreciating what's happening outside, as the leaves change, a chill spikes the air and the day turns dark sooner.

i asked my friends here in raleigh what they were most looking forward to this fall, and i'll be sharing their feels on the blog as the season steadily shifts here in north carolina, starting with my bff jeff.

lanvin jacket // allsaints chinos // gap + gq collab // a collected gallery wall from trnk

unfussy fuss

By 9/26/2017
there are many things on my mind this week i want us to go over, including how to wear wide leg cropped denim in the winter, which fresh squeezed juices look best on my desk and what my friends are looking forward to this fall, and we will do all of these things in more - but first: william mclure pop-up, this morning at 11am.

 this has been a big deal - we've been working with william for several months on an exclusive collection of work for furbish, and it's finally time to set it free. this is the first time william's work has been available to purchase, he only takes commissions now. plus, these pieces are accessible for new collectors, and they're big. so they really can make a statement in a room much like william shows us in his ever-inspiring instagram posts from his birmingham loft.

i was adding details on the site this week, and included that his art can 'un-fuss a room', and i daresay myself, but i think that's the perfect descriptor for it. his pieces tend to ground a southerned-up, traditional, maximalist styled room. they give the eye a much needed spot to rest, all the while elevating an already sophisticated space. make sense?

i have a piece from this collection, and i put it in a 24" x 30" ready made frame, floating on a piece of white linen until i can get it custom framed. this will certainly do - it's in my bedroom and i already have become a new person in it's presence.

the sale starts at 11am today - there are 70 originals. 50 large pieces at $1250 and 15 small, starting at $650. and as jessica put it, it's literally the only time in life to get one. i don't know if that's true, but it sounds dramatic, and i enjoy that.  i know our pop-ups can be a bit frenzied, so if you'd like a little piece of mind - i suggest setting up an account prior to the sale, and being signed in at 11 so checkout goes much faster.


By 9/25/2017
dash & albert rug / natural curiosities art / sconce / custom shade / bone console / tulu fabric / splatter lamp / kantha chair