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wander lusting

By 8/16/2017

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very, very smart ideas.

By 8/15/2017
why does trump insist on repeating words like that?  i read that he gets caught somewhere between an idea and an emotion and the repetition is a trick to try and sell not only all of us, but also himself.  it's also a stall tactic when you have nothing to say.

that being said... i have a little something to say, and it's not political.

how smart are these vinyl tiles that for all intents and purposes look like the real thing, but are a fraction of the cost, removable, and a genius idea for renters like myself with serious situations in the bath and kitchen?  they're self-adhesive, can be trimmed to size, and water and heat resistant!  very, very impressive.  tremendous.  buy many, many.  believe me.

take care

By 8/14/2017

i was talking with some friends recently about how when there are big changes in your life, and things feel like they're crumbling -- it's important to know what you can hold onto, what can you grip, what's unbreakable - what's yours?  changes, and the uncertainty that comes with them, bring big questions about your identity.

when life changes for me - that's the question: what's mine?  what won't go away?  what have i been working on, to make me happy, that sustains me even when everything else goes sideways?  in essence, how do i take care of myself so that in good times, and bad, i'll be ok...

thinking through my answers with you here, and i'd love to hear yours as well.

i spend time with friends.  i threw my net wide, particularly over raleigh in the last few years, as i searched for my place here, and my people.  i'm very lucky i landed some big catches - jessica, jeff, and asher could feed a village with their friendships (loaves and fishes metaphor here).  between the three, always on tap, i have a dinner companion, a dancing partner, and a movie date.  they are there to celebrate and commiserate, to listen and love on me when i need it, plus they're judgey AF and they make me laugh.  i spend 25 hours a day with jessica for work, but i make it a point to spend some real time with each of them every week i'm in town.  they are augmented by a larger core group of friends that i can count on for amazing dinner parties, the best brunches, workout pals, and coffee breaks.

i exercise - if i'm in raleigh i try for 5 out of 7 days.  i have a membership at barre3, so that's the go-to, but i also work in two yogasculpt classes at corepower, and some pilates each week.  i have never once left a class and regretted going.  i like barre because it makes you move for an hour - there's a ton of energy, great music and it's a full body workout with weights and cardio.  yogasculpt is insane - you literally can't think about anything else because you're focused on surviving.  it's hot yoga flow with weights and super-high intensity cardio bursts.  if you need an attitude adjustment, you can count on that hour changing the rest of your day.  i don't do as much pilates as i used to, but there's nothing like it to lengthen out your body, correct your posture and tone up your core quick-fast.

i walk a lot - the dogs love long walks, and we have a great park right across the street with an easy 1.5 mile loop (and lots of free wildflowers).  my new neighborhood is great because you can take a new route each walk and discover alleyways and easements i had no idea existed.  i don't listen to music or take my phone.  i chat with the pups, use the time to think and, pick free wildflowers.  it's important to take these breaks in my day to unplug, be present, actually look around and be outdoors and feel like part of my community - either by walking to grab coffee, to the park to toss a tennis ball and chat with neighbors, or to the store to pickup dinner.  raleigh isn't necessarily a walk-able city, but right here, where i live, walking works for me.

i love the internet.  santa claus brought me a macintosh II computer when i was 10 (what's up carmen sandiego!), and my fifth grade class was the first to use the 'computer lab' for intellectual pursuits like playing the oregon trail and odell lake.  i was 15 when the modern internet as we know it essentially began - with AOL offering a flat-rate for dial up access, and i spent hours on end in chat rooms flirting with punk rawk boys, teaching myself code so i could create hello kitty websites and making handwriting fonts with my friends' handwriting.  now, i self-soothe with my computer.  i google, i pin, i write, i photoshop, i blog, i organize, i chat - most importantly, i discover.  i get inspired, and when i'm lucky, i execute.  it's a huge part of my life.

i practice telling the truth, not running from the uncomfortable, being vulnerable to love, and learning to value myself - it allows me to show up in my relationships and my work as a whole person, not someone pretending.  every day presents a challenge, an opportunity for me to practice this, and try to do things differently.

big picture, those are the things i need on the daily to sustain the part of me that i know can't crumble.

i buy candles.
i make a gratitude list.
i go to therapy.
i love on my pups.
i have sex.
i eat, a lot.
i do the nytimes crossword puzzle.
i rearrange.
i travel.

a whole lot this, plus a little of that, and i'm doing my best to take care of me.  do tell, what are the things you do to stay sane.  to help with happiness and to make sure you take care of yourself?


By 8/07/2017

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sharing some things.

By 8/04/2017
i went to mexico last thanksgiving and found that to be an enjoyable way to spend the holiday, so we're going to go back again. i've been researching merida, the capital of yucat√°n- the city is experiencing a revitalization and a creative boom.

from conde nast : 'over the last 15 years or so, a small but growing group of artists, collectors, designers, and antiques dealers began moving in, lending the city the sort of creative energy you find in places like the Berkshires, Marfa, or Tangier', - and they're all building their dream houses for next to nothing.  you can rent amazing spots like these for around $100 a night.  here's another good article about the town.

anyone been?

on another note, i'm particularly digging these kafka covers design by peter mendelsund.  my english major didn't require a very deep dive into kafka, thankfully - i've found it easier to digest lately - well.  easier is not the word.  but it's better than being forced to read it.  THE POINT IS.  the covers are attactive.  i picked up this little hardback and i find it pleasing on the coffee table.

moving along, jessica and i were sourcing some euroshams for an e-design client yesterday, and i feel compelled to share our discovery - two super-classy finds, both affordable from one king's lane.  aren't they good looking?  the second one is only $79!

how attractive is this storage ottoman?  and i dig this chair too.  all of katie leede's collection for OKL is pretty cute.

also worth sharing - i was gifted this hand soap months ago, and now it's become a thing - when friends come over, i find them at the kitchen sink, with a guilty side eye, obsessing over how amazing this soap smells.  it's practically perfume that sticks with you for hours.  treat yourself.

the nordstrom anniversary sale ends this weekend - i picked up this oversized plaid shirt, a cashmere cardigan and these cropped pants.  now you know.

this pretty rug is new on the site this week - 3.'6 x 10' is such a perfect size to try in a kitchen.  clients ask all the time if it's crazy to put a rug down where you're cooking - it might get wet, stains, drips... but it's actually perfect because vintage rugs are beasts at hiding wear and tear.  they really do get better with age - they couldn't be more forgiving.  this one is pretty freaking magical too (and on major sale).  i'd love to do a staircase with old rugs, right?  the corlu and sanibel would be excellent for a project like that.

and finally, check out this article - 3 women over 70 share what they've learned so far in their lives.  have a great weekend!

all business in the front, party in the back

By 8/02/2017
i love how artist martin von haselberg describes his moroccan inspired poolhouse in millbrook : "It's all part of the idea that things are not what they seem. just when you think you've figured it out, it surprises you, this house," says von haselberg. "it's like a mullet. all business in the front, party in the back."

all those pink floors - it's like a lovely gel manicure for the house (paint color is cited as ben. moore's 'sailor's delight).  it's a real predicament when you have to decide if you'll swim in the pool or the pond.  

i'd lay down on all of these.

By 7/31/2017

don't pass the cheese plate.

By 7/31/2017
i'm on the way home - a red-eye fight from the west coast.  it's not the right time in either place to be eating a cheese plate, but i am.  stuck in an inappropriate time zone somewhere in the middle of both nights.

i couldn't get my chair to go back, the button wouldn't work - so, i started silently fuming.  i debated how the issue could best be addressed.  the flight attendant won't care.  i could write a letter.  i started writing a letter.  i stopped.  i rammed myself into the seat a few times, halfway to see if it would work, also to have a small fit.

a woman across the aisle saw me struggling, and she sidled over in her tiny black knit dress, firmly planted both feet, reached over to depress the button on the armrest, the other above my head, and laid me back with a quickness. as i flew back, she also instructed me on how to fold the headrest bits in so i could sleep with my incapably small-brained head supported.  i nodded.  i know.  i get that.  and i can see your spanx because you're lording over me with not-so-secret cabin knowledge.  sit down.

so i'm reclined.  i ate all the cheese.  my movies won't work so i just have headphones on basically to drain the batteries.  all of this felt essential to share with you, right now.  have a great monday.


By 7/28/2017

i've been in colorado for the past two weeks, and this view never gets old.  whether i'm driving over the watson divide and the valley opens up all of a sudden below you, or we're venturing into town for the night and the sun catches the peaks just right to set the whole sky on fire, i catch my breath every time i realize this land is so much bigger than any of my current worries.  perspective - always welcome.

i don't recall ever seeing hollyhocks in person before this trip.  they seem to grow like weeds here in aspen, tall- the stems heavy with dozes of blooms.  i set about capturing every color.
i can always count on two things here in the mountains:  extravagant eggs in the am, and handrolls in the pm.  cauliflower with poached eggs has given me the strength to battle my 1000 piece puzzle each morning, and fresh sushi from matsuhisa warrants a trip to town every night  

i tried to salvage my adidas shell toes from high school, but they had to give up the ghost.  i ordered a new pair and they're every bit as awesome as they were 20 years ago, minus the jnco jeans and baby doll tees (U.G.H.)

we spent a bit of time last week at the aspen institute catching talks from the annual security forum.  the aspen meadows resort on the property is a simple but stunning example of modern design.  designed by herbert bayer in the bauhaus style, every room has soaring windows that bring the outside inside with views of the river, garden and mountains.

i realize they are completely ridiculous, but as i was window shopping, these furry loafers and slip-ons caught my eye.  i stay away from fur, but i dreamed up a whole winter lifestyle that hinges on wearing these.  also, jeweler jennifer fisher hosted a trunk show at the jerome hotel.  jessica sent me an IG post letting me know it was literally in the next room, so i popped over and grabbed a few of these enamel heart studs.  

bring on the branding

By 7/25/2017
we've enlisted our friends at good south, here in raleigh,  to help us with a bit of a facelift for furbish. they are our local aficionados for all things branding, as well as graphic design, logo design, letterpress, art, interior design, and styling. they where many hats, all perfectly styled, mind you, and we're excited to have them on the team.

our hot pink teepee is tried and true - however, nearly 10 years in it's feeling a little weathered.  it's time for an update, as we shape the brand to focus more on one-of-a-kind items from our travels, including textiles, rugs, and other hard to find, unique treasures for the home.  we're no longer buying from big brands in the typical retail/wholesale model - we're sourcing items on our own, from around the world, and bringing them together in an edit that you've come to expect from furbish: vibrant colors, bold patterns, items that tell a story and make a home interesting, authentic and well-lived in.

right now, elizabeth and chris at good south are working with us to firstly, update the furbish logo, which will help define the brand moving forward, and secondly to retool the website to reflect our ever-evolving vibe.  after several meetings in their amazing out-building turned office, we're all on the same page moving the company forward with a fresh feel that considers who we've been and where we're headed (passports in hand!).