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baby it's cold as AF outside

By 2/11/2016 ,

my jcrew stadium coat has been the best purchase of winter '15-'16 (i'm sure the winter has a name like spencèr or montrosse but i dunno).  i love the camel, but wouldn't have to be convinced too much to get a black one too.  they're on major sale, so if you can find your size and color, and still have some winter weather in store, i'd say grab one now.

also, the bella stahl button down shirt is a constant go-to as well, and it's on sale at shopbop.

my vince shoes are totally unpracticable but pretty fly, and i always throw a tassel in the mix. it's science.

boyfriend jeans make my happy because they don't leave hemlines embossed in my skin and they keep the boys from even thinking about coming into the yard.  (they're a great deal too).

and that folks, is real life and makes me feel douchebaggy but hey!

jcrew stadium cocoon coat // blank denim distressed boyfriend jeans // bella stahl button-up // vince addie sandals // black tassel necklace // prada sunglasses

a list

By 2/10/2016

things that are currently very important/stressful to me:

-getting status on american airlines
-finding a way to replace my left stella mccartney shoe that major ate
-do i eat too much salmon?
-my friend was diagnosed with cancer, but he'll beat it because he's tough
-getting zika in mexico?
-not weighing myself
-prowler is covered in mats, mostly in her undercarriage
-my boobs
-i can flip my eggs about 70% of the time. that leaves 30% disaster
-beyonce presale tickets

instagram accounts that are enjoyable to look through

By 2/09/2016








By 2/08/2016
book // skirt // shoes // @thecementtileshop

where did all the good blogs go....

By 2/05/2016

what's happened?

have i seen every nook and cranny of the internet and now there's nothing left to find?

where did they go?  why aren't the interesting anymore?   what's missing?

what can make it better?  and let's be for real about this.  is it really instagram, pinterest, sponsored posts?

my readership is down 1 zillion hits, and i know other blogs are suffering the same.  how can i entertain you better?  i wanna know, because like you, i get my kicks from blogs and want them back.

where do you go for inspiration these days?  hayulp.

the best and brightest

By 2/04/2016
we just received a shipment of bright blue and pink flat weave moroccan rugs that have really stolen the show at our office. everyone's been scrambling to get one of their own.

they're such a great size for a bathroom, or entry. i put one in front of the kitchen sink and it really takes things up a notch. we've added several online, plus some new oushaks and neon runners.


By 2/03/2016
a favorite breakfast spot
a moment at xenomania

dinner at the polo bar was a treat

a study in scale in the crosby hotel 
stacks of textiles in emilie jean's shop

the kitchen area of OKL's tribeca studio

fabulous finds
wallpaper obsession in kit kemp's hotel

always inspiring at john derian dry goods 
a few of our sunday scores

rainbow foutas
the dining room at the crosby

yes, i'll take them all

gorgeous quilts

we bought (almost) all of them
of course we picked up some evil eyes 

italian placemats

a cozy spot to get a little work done

african antiques

our room at the crosby

celebrating a successful day of shopping

kit kemp's magic

how can we pick?

when you're in new york...

artist karin olah

By 2/02/2016
i discovered charleston artist karin olah last year and knew we had to snag her for a furbish pop-up. i just love her collages - the vintage fabric remnants she incorporates into the paintings are really exquisite, i think.

at 11am today, we're launching a pop-up shop featuring 25 original pieces of her work, including these (a few of my favorites!)