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welp, dat's dat.

By 7/29/2016
iphone and brain dump, ready?

if you need me, i'll be here. 
if you need the schnauzies, they'll be swinging.

i pulled the tower card this morning - no surprise there.  also picked up some purple and orange roses at the teeter.

my friend dusty designed a new raleigh bar, the haymaker and look, it's really pretty.

treat my'self.  always a treat to be found at vermillion

speaking of treats, how about these sheets from anthro.  everything

but major is happy with our new sheets from land of nod and says no thanks to getting out of bed.
having a moment with these small oushaks at the store.  every powder room needs one!
saved this removable wallpaper from etsy.  now where to use it?

been doing dranks at the top of the durham hotel.  great place to watch the sunset.

playing around with pretty things at moon & lola's headquarters

feeling fresh about our new inspiration board at the store.

around the shop

By 7/28/2016

a new batch

By 7/27/2016
i just added our newest batch of rugs to the site (and we're offering 10% off!). there are some extra-gorgeous ones, like the breskna with its pretty teals, and the unusual firuz that would be major in a bathroom.  these rugs are perfect to bring a layer of age and interest to any room.

i use them in living rooms, layered over a natural sisal or seagrass rug (this is one of my go-tos), in entrys, for a special touch in kitchens in front of the sink or stove, in a bathroom to add some softness, and in unexpected places like a laundry room to make the everyday a bit more special.