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behind the scenes

By 9/20/2017

asher and i went to the vermillion fashion show, and then i had two glasses of wine at coquette and started taking pictures of myself.  earrings from here.
anna is getting straight in her new house and snapped this pic of the entryway.  let's start a gofundme to get a new orchid for her?  (also, how cute is the framed meno from Indochine in the center?).  the big piece by claireborne colombu

jessica likes to keep things very calm and neutral in the bedroom.  she added our indian palm pillow to really tone it down -clearly it's working.  art from here, duvet here

i put all my shit in a pile and thought it was pretty.  yellow pom pom earrings from here, gold are lizzie fortunato, other gold from here

anna also went to hawaii last week and ate all the poke and all the fishes and all the sushi.  

jessica had a birthday and her greatest friend gave her these flowers (me).  art by catherine b jones (mark your calendar - pop-up with furbish 11/7!)
the light was just right in the bedroom so i snapped a shelfie
a lunch from her recent trip to paris - looks so delish.

anna's dog juney-b who promptly pooped on the bed right after this photo.  suzani from furbish.

closet cravings

By 9/16/2017
1 - patagonia jacket nordstrom // 2 - abstract earrings jcrew // 3 - black dress nordstrom // 4 - alo yoga pants nordstrom // 5 - jeans madewell // 6 - boots free people // 7 - self-portrait dress nordstrom // 8 - denim shirt madewell // 9 - lizzie fortunato pouch shopbop // 10 - striped sweater nordstrom

artist kerry steele

By 9/15/2017
this morning we're launching a new pop-up with charleston painter kerry steele. in a town that's producing some of the best new creative talents, steele finds inspiration painting at charleston's redux studio alongside artists like kate long stevenson and anna sims king. we're excited to offer 30 exclusive works of hers, on paper and canvas, in bold colors, with bright brushstrokes and decidedly feminine flourishes. here's a little more about kerry, and you can checkout the pop-up shop here at 11am.
Fave new artist Tim Hussey. His work is so wonderful. I have a piece I bought last year at the Redux art auction by him and I just took it to be framed today! But seriously I love his work.

fave old artist either Botticelli or Joan Mitchell. There's a difference.

most exciting place you've seen your work installed?  Traditional Home magazine. I love the magazine so I kind of had a moment of cuckoo with that one.  also a lisa mende room at the high point showhouse has a large piece

your paintings have a very sexy energy to me - do you find that painting expresses your Femininity? Yes, I know they are very feminine because I can't help but be girlie. They also represent moments in time and what I am feeling at that moment.
It's hard for most people to understand that I generally start a painting just knowing whether it will be colorful or neutral, no ideas really. I just work through it on canvas.
fave interior designer I know so many designers that I work with but one I don't know is Miles Redd. I love his mixed up beauty. Plus about 50 others HA!

why is art important in design? It is a one of a kind thing that your neighbor can never have and it can really elevate the space.

describe an average day My day of painting looks like getting my 8 year-old off to school and taking some quiet time. If I'm painting at home I get to work in my jammies. If I'm going in to Redux I shower and get out the door. Everyday is different. Somedays I photograph and edit those photos and don't paint much at all. Other days, my favorite, are spent experimenting with color and application of paint.

like you care.

By 9/11/2017
about what i did on sunday.

i wake up, look at irma on the internet, then a text from my dad about his girlfriend loving a dessert buffet?
i eat a small bite of a danish-esque thing that appeared in a ziplock bag in the fridge, make enough coffee to fill up about 1/3 of my travel mug/exist, sling the dogs around the block and head out the door.

barre 3.  it's miraculous really, because i was 18th on the waitlist when i went to sleep and somehow made it in by the time i woke up.  here's to everyone who drank too much saturday night and cancelled.

done.  went up an inch and down an inch until my legs are wobbly.  it was particularly tough today, i think because the instructor was fresh off a studio tour and had some tricks up her tank she was trying on us.  there was a whole lot of 'we're not done yet!'.  i actually was done several times.

grab an outdoor seat at capital club 16.  everyone's lined up, waiting for the doors to open, while i smugly sit at my table, judging, avoiding the fray - poised to people watch, sit in dappled sunlight (read: full shade always) and have meaningful conversations with my friends who end up both canceling last minute.
i chose poorly (not the friends, the seat) - it was rull windy and a bit cold - and the inside eaters saw they had won as i put a sweatshirt over my sweatshirt.  so be it.  tad joins me.
every sunday i get the same thing: coffee, the eggs Norwegian with fries and a side of garlic-ranch-aoili-something, and 3 pickles.  i eat about half of it, and he takes care of the rest.
we linger, the people watching is decidedly better than the weather. then we decide to move to the sunnier side of the street, and go drink lavender lattes at devolve.

we scoop the dogs, walk up to devolve (on glenwood south), and grab a seat on a sidewalk.  the aforementioned latte is sweet and delicious and the people watching continues to intrigue.  we read the sunday NYT (this article about the humble wealthy tickled me), do more judging, try on some hats, pose major for some pictures and then have a small heated discussion over whether he's too old to send to good dog school (currently he's a bad dog). (fave new sunglasses from barton perreira and one of those boyfriend tee's i'm living in from old navy)

small nap.  the air is a little crisp and the windows in the house are open - it's very pleasurable.  i don't actually nap.  i do all the archived monday NYT crosswords on my phone while he naps.

i'm feeling like the last few days have been awfully glutinous so i schlep, literally - i don't want to move - up to cameron village and take a flywheel class.  of course i'm glad i did once we get going.  the instructor is a friend, and she's perfect at her job - yelling out that i'm doing GREAT! every time i try to sneak my rpms down (how's she know?!?).  guiltily i turn them back up, and finish with my best score yet.  what a time to be alive.

home, sweaty - get a text from tad that we scored a wristband for the hopscotch sunday night shows, so jump in the shower.  hopscotch is a music festival held in downtown raleigh every year, and i'm gonna go ahead and say it - i think it sucks.  i've never had a good time.  and this year was no exception.  i'll take the blame - i really don't mind.  i don't go with a game plan, or anything i'm stoked to see.  we took a chance on angel olsen last night, and turns out there wasn't a warm bath nearby to slit my wrists in, or it could've been perfect.

wait, i got ahead of myself
we grab the wristbands from a friend, drive downtown, park at pooles, duck in for a quick bite before the 8pm show.  we split the crab and fried tomato salad and the roasted beets.  i had a new drink with bourbon, jalapeno simple syrup and bitters.  it's all 100%.

angel olsen at red hat

we leave/escape.  it's a bummer because i wore some mom cropped jeans like i'm supposed to and practically no one saw.

to salvage the night, we eat more.  nothing is open in raleigh on sunday's, and if it was, it's closed by 9, so we go to krispy kreme, order 6 doughnuts because it feels right, and spend 30 minutes adding doughnut emojis to an instagram story.  i found it very enjoyable.

home.  pups walked - it feels like fall outside, and that gives me the feels!

watch first 30 minutes of gangs of new york.  i side-eye tad until he finally turns it off and i drift off to sleep thinking about christmas - generally, not specifically.


By 9/09/2017
a gentleman in moscow / silk rugs / no. 6 store / nicki's shop / gucci tray


By 9/01/2017
i literally don't care about anything on the internet. i don't want to wear what any blogger is wearing - most especially an off the shoulder top and bon bon earrings. no one posts pictures of their house that i give a damn about. i don't need to know where to stay in tulum. i drink coffee too, fascinating that you do as well. i don't have a baby. one blog i used to enjoy is now 100% sponsored posts for things like cleaning products. everyone is putting, or not putting SK-II's facial treatment essence on their faces and telling us about it.

literally isn't literal, as it seldom is anymore. there are maybe two blogs i still get the feels from.   and feel free to lump me into this category of shit-for-content.  i am lumpish of late.  what do you want to see?  real raleighs?  schnauzies?  travel stuff?  do tell.

and for serious, where in the ferk do i find inspiration now? do i have to go out and do real life things? just joking, that sounds fine - but i used to discover the darndest things on the internet and now everyone is just boomeranging their drunk friends on instagram. has everything that is to be found found, and now we just filter our faces and add lemon emojis on top?

well how's that for a daily dose of negativity!  you're welcome!

until we solve this...

don't wait for creativity, get prepared for it, and then do it on purpose.  from the nyt

furbish labor day sale - 20% off everything and we just added a ton of new stuff, including these miranda earrings that are totally ridiculous and amazing and soon i'll just wear an old navy tee and them.  to everything.  also there are a couple of cute kayce hughes paintings left that you can use the discount code on, plus this blue and white pouf that i think is extra-special.

i know there are terrible things happening in the world right now, and i'm not tuning those out - but if you need to for a moment, listen to this for weekend vibez. 

fall feels

By 8/30/2017
seems like we're all ready for a change.  fall feels close, and real white girls like me feel fall. always aiming to keep it simple, trying for a modicum of chic, and angling to keep it accessible.

miracles of all sorts.

By 8/28/2017

my first trip to red rocks - and it was amazing.  there's a pretty profound feeling that happens when you climb up those stairs and the rocks soar up out of the ampitheatre, the light changes from dusk to darkness and the stars shine brighter over the stage than the ones you came to see.  we spent a few days with friends jamestown revival - they started in denver opening for trombone shorty (so good!) and onto aspen where they sold out belly up.

in denver, we met this giraffe family at the zoo - dobby, a 6 month old baby, was a surprise pregnancy!  her mom was the oldest giraffe at the zoo (23 - and giraffe's usually live to 25!) and she was on birth control when she conceived!  giraffes seem like miracles regardless... they are absolutely mesmorizing with their knobby gangly legs and long lean necks.  it's like a horse and a camel and a stork tried to work out a problem, and we got giraffes.

onto aspen where we met this furball - rocky, the hotel jerome's bernese mountain dog.  he politely stayed behind the desk, because he fancy, but we finally lured him out with some treats.
in apsen, i always do a little more grazing than shopping.  this is the camo sweater i blogged about last week - every salesgirl in jcrew was wearing it. 
i stopped in maker + place for the first time.  it's an open studio, store and workspace featuring a few artists at a time.  i was stoked to see caroline hurley's linens in this pretty display.  i love her multi-colored joshua tree print - it's perfect for the fall as a tablecloth or an extra layer on the bed when it gets chilly.
i picked up some vibes for the boyfriend's mountain house - it's getting a bit of a makeover this winter.

i also picked up some vibes at the gucci store, then put them down quickly.  (lurve this bag though)
vibes.  now walk away.  or get you one girl.
vibes.  leave, fast.  or don't.  treat yourself.
we're not at home in raleigh together a ton, but when we are, the boyfriend brangs it with date night.  positively pleased to post up at the coffee table and watch a movie together - it's good to be home, for a little while.

off again, to nyc - checking out new wallpaper by nathan turner and clare vivier.  love this malibu inspired print
so cute, right?
and john derian never fails to deliver the goodness at NYIGF

super-soft tie-dyed blankets coming to furbish soon!

scooped up these coasters for the holiday season - perfect hostess gifts and stocking stuffers
not the best pic, but i was so inpsired by the entire situation at the new-ish ulla johnson store in nyc.  the cushion in the dressing room made from vintage african cloth was everything.

warm in nolita is always so well merchandised and constantly updated.  i could cruise around that neighborhood forever.  so many good shops, eats and people watching.

a stop by one of our fave rug dealers to pick up a few special sizes for decorating clients.

feeling crafty so we picked up some beads for experimenting

m&j trims is having a major patch moment, so jessica and i both went in with a jacket and choose a few to iron on
they'll actually apply them there in the store for you, for just a bit more, so i went ahead and made it all happen.

more ideas, more wonder if we could...., more experimenting.  nyc is the place for that right?