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closet cravings

By 3/20/2017
1 - distressed overalls asos // 2 - drop earrings furbish // 3 - crochet two piece set top and bottom nordstrom // 4 - white clutch nordstrom // 5 - cut-off shorts american eagle // 6 - wrap shirt shopbop // 7 - bathing suit nordstrom // 8- camel wallet nordstrom // 9 - gold earrings furbish // 10 - clogs nordstrom

renting our house

By 3/16/2017

brian meares and i are both moving at the end of this month, and he's looking for someone to rent the house on wayland.  you can see pics of it here (he would also consider selling to the right person).

it's in a great spot - walking distance to 5 points, glenwood village and cameron village.  there's a huge fenced in backyard, great decks, a big master suite upstairs with a major walk-in closet with custom cabinetry, a dope kitchen with a viking range and plenty of room for entertaining, and two extra bedrooms downstairs.

if you're looking for a spot or know of someone who might be, email for more info or to set up a time to see the house!

the most amazing suzanis

By 3/14/2017
we've got a new bunch of bright and huge suzanis up on the site today - they're all large enough for a bed, would make a gorgeous wall-hanging or could be draped over a sofa or chair for a fresh look.

fun facts (and some major steals)

By 3/11/2017

this pillow is 24" long and on sale for $13.50.  how bout dat? (spend $100, and take another 30% off with code FRIENDS)

i also can't be mad at a 24" lilac velvet pillow for $15, can you? (spend $100, and take another 30% off with code FRIENDS)

these sconces are $100

this is rull rull pretty wallpaper

this this this (15% off today with code SPRINGFORWARD).

all 4 of these please (15% off today with code SPRINGFORWARD).

i'm awfully into this headboard.

everything about these sconces (15% off today with code SPRINGFORWARD).

how cute are these guys? (spend $100, and take another 30% off with code FRIENDS)

this guy is less than $200 (after 30% off) + free shipping!

and i'm feeling these matouk euro shams for only $99 ea.

the prettiest pillow (15% off today with code SPRINGFORWARD).

simple statement artwork

By 3/08/2017
this morning we're going living with a bright and bold pop-up shop, featuring mfamb blogger jenny andrews anderson. i bought an abstract from here almost 5 years ago, and still love it. i used two of her paintings in client jobs that were photographed and published, and jessica recently hung 4 of her bowl series in her bedroom. the shop goes live at 11am, and we have several curated sets, plus original abstracts and gorgeous lilies.

let it burn - my fave candles

By 3/06/2017
from my apartment pics, you can tell i have a candle situation going on.  a blog reader asked that i share my fave candles, so let's dig in, and apologies in advance i sorry i say sultry and exotic so much.  i got a glass of wine tonight at dinner that i described to the server as 'dead'.  i'm real good with my words.
my all time favorite scent, ever.  we used to carry these at furbish, and i'd squirrel away once for myself every once in a while, but i'm nearing the end of my current candle so i'm going to have to indulge in a new one soon.  so worth it - it smells like my uncle in fifth grade when he was driving me to the beach.  and i know that sounds like the creepiest thing EVER, but it's really not.  for me, it's an amazing nostalgic scent that today reads manly, thick with earthiness and patchouli. 

this nest candle is basic bitch pumpkin chai latte style seasonal, but i still burn it year round.  again, i'm lucky i get to dip into the furbish supply, but i'd buy this one all day because it's the coziest and most comforting off all my scents.  sweet and spicy, it's all about fresh baking, warmness, and just the right amount of spice.

another seasonal scent, but i can't help but to burn it year round.  i used to associate it specifically with the holidays, but i loved the intense clove and cinnamon in it so much i made it a year-round staple.  it's got a hint of vanilla too - so it's sweet, but with a sultry edge to it - and somehow really clean as well!
everyone loves a baies moment frmo diptyque, and i do too, but patchouli is my jam.  i know it's not for everyone, but i dig the deep woody smell.  i'm way more into sultry mysterious scents over floral and light fragrances.  diptyque candles are my go-to gift, so i keep a couple on hand for housewarmings, birthdays, you name it.

vermillion, here in raleigh, carries coqui coqui's line of candles, and i treat myself to one when i stop in.  hey, its better than a $1000 dress, right?  we wanted to stay at coqui coqui when we were in tulum for thanksgiving, but unfortunately it's closed.  bummer, but at least i can feel a little vacay at home when i burn this candle.

an old standby, i've always been into pier 1's patchouli scent.  i have the room spray, and a smattering of the candles on hand for when the fancy stuff is running low.  it's got a major vanilla and almond situation going - but musky enough to not be too sweet.  and it can burn baby burn at $16 for a 3-wick.

we've carried voluspa candles in the store for a long while - and gardenia was always a best-seller.  oddly enough i loved it too.  it really does smell just like a fragrant gardenia bloom.  there was on outside of my house, and when it was blooming you could smell it as soon as you opened the front door.  good price point on this line, and perfect for spring.

suede blanc is another sexy man smell that i makes me feel all tingly.  leather and cedar combines to make it feel exotic and super sexy.  perfect for date-night.

and finally this guy is a major splurge -- i got one as a birthday gift -- and honestly, the scent isn't amazing but i love the ceramic vase it comes in so much, so whateve.
jonathan adler hashish candle // nest pumpkin chai candle / nest holiday candle / diptyque patchouli candle // coqui coqui candle // volupsa gardenia candle // volupsa suede blanc candle // emaux de longwy candle

isn't that lovely?

By 3/03/2017 ,
lamp // set of 4 prints // white sofa // bone mirror // chintz pillow on sale // wicker sconce // purple ikat pillow on sale // ikat chair // blue and white garden stool // striped lumbar on sale // tortoise table

mega get-the-look guide

By 3/02/2017
we just started our annual pillow sale, so if you've had your eye on some amazing john robshaw euroshams, maybe a pretty little chintz pillow nick olsen helped us design, or a pair of our best selling staffordshire dog needlepoint pillows - it's time!

check out some of our fave instagrammers styled their furb pillow finds below!