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le labo discovery set

By 12/13/2017
you've heard me rave all year about le labo fragrances - so let's round it out with a final proclamation. i smell really attractive. everyone tells me so. my boyfriend smells even more attractive, and 100% of everyone tells him that. it's a thing - we both have one of those scents people have associated with 'us' - a 'jamie' smell, and a 'tad' smell.

understandably so, jeff found himself in want of a signature scent, so we ordered the new discovery kit from le labo and spent an afternoon sniffing. it's such a great way to try out all the smells, especially if you don't live near a store (few of us do) - for $80 you get to try the entire line of 15 scents, and the samples are generous enough that you can get several wears out of them, to really see if it suits you.  the testing really works best when you haven't washed your hair for several days, apparently (insert i give up face emoji).

it's definitely in the 9th inning now, but this kit would make a great stocking stuffer (it goes in and out of being in stock - if it's not now, i'd check back in a day or two - or go directly to the le labo site). it's a lovely way to give someone the experience of finding their own flavor without having to dive into the commitment of a larger bottle.

seeking inspiration? 24 instagram accounts to follow

By 12/11/2017
these are the folks on my daily feed for food inspiration, design & decoration photos, outfit ideas, eye-candy, original takes on trends and travel tips.

CABANA MAGAZINE love their chic shots of table settings, posh events and global finds  // SUITE ONE STUDIO a ceramicist who specializes in 'making mealtimes beautiful'  // FIGUE a favorite clothing and accessories brand with an emphasis on globetrotting // COLD PICNIC kooky bathmats and rugs with style and a sense of humor
SAY HOLA austrailian artist maria flores has a major thing for colors, cut-outs, eyes and palms // RED POPPY VINTAGE a traveler who offers her one-of-a-kind global finds up for sale on IG every saturday // MAC & MURPHY charleston stationery shop that always has something cute up their sleeve // JANE LILLY a consummate new yorker with a great eye for stylish moments

molly mahon blockprinting a british textile designer with a penchant for pink // dorothy shain always a favorite - she, just like her work, is a ray of sunshine // luke edward hall this english bon vivant has mastered the pretty mess // burro goods a favorite venice beach shop with the most fun finds

jared hughes design up-and-coming atlanta based designer // lizzie fortunato always a fave, but particularly enjoying shots from their nyc pop-up (serious fomo) // villanaart a mexico-based textile artist and i am seriously obsessed // bon appetit with shots like that, need i say more?

very troubled child custom leather travel bags with a decidely royal tenenbaums feel// canary a dallas boutique with tons of outfit inspo // sarah vanrenen designs a london interior designer who posts all the eye-candy // maryanne moodie austrailian textile artist who makes big and bold wall hangings

jessica winzelberg a la jeweler with a bright selection of earring eye-candy // salvesen graham a UK based design duo who nails charming and colorful english decorating // ascot & hart cool california style from CA based online retailer // virginia kraft textiles ohio designer andi whalen nailed it with her new line of global-inspired fabric, printed in the USA

personal with personality

By 12/07/2017
i love a gift guide full of pretty bits, but let's get real for a second - here are the things i've really given, and will give again this year. a little personalized, with a lot of personality.

i love this idea my friend jeff had - he framed hotel room keys from memorable trips.  the big frame with the mat is major drama - you could totally do this with framebridge (they're doing 15% off with code SANTABABY).  send in special bits, like the room keys, or matchbooks, notes, whateve and have a whole little series going on.  super easy to gift and worth a million bucks to the lucky recipient.

artifact uprising prints gorgeous custom photo books - i did this last year and it was a breeze. the linen foil stamped cover looks super high-end. they're offering a new service called 'volumes' which will automatically print a book of your mobile photos each time you add 50 images. whether it's a vacation memory book, a year-end review, a collection of themed photos, or an ode to a special friendship, i think this is a great gift, and there's still time to make yours!

the smithsonian national zoo has an adopt-an-animal package that's pretty cool. for $100 you can adopt an endangered elephant, a panda or leopard (to name a few) and the zoo will send a package with a stuffed replica of your new friend, a personalized certificate and photo and a matted replica animal track print, which is pretty cool.

for 1million dollars, you can design a custom charm necklace at jennifer fischer.  the enamel heart charms are so freaking cute - especially paired with the pave lightning bolts.  i love this idea, but perhaps it's more reasonable to start this year with a chain and 1 charm, and maybe it's a christmas tradition to add one each year.

and i ordered a few blankets from the lovliest this year, with a custom monogram.  they're so extra-soft and everyone can use a blanket - the monogram is something you'd never spring for yourself, but it's such a special treat when someone else splurges for you.

kate roebuck

By 12/07/2017
tomorrow we're featuring a new collection of art from chattanooga, tn based artist kate roebuck. i've been a fan several years now - last year jessica gave me the loveliest little framed evil eye painting by kate. her pieces are kooky and dark, but never feel foreboding. i love how moody her vibe is (the color palette is perfect!), while at the same time it feels light, and organic. easy. and happy.

okl's recently featured her home, so i thought i'd share some of those photos mixed in with a few of the pieces that will be available tomorrow at 12pm.  they're super affordable and would make really great gifts for an art lover on your list!

closet cravings

By 12/05/2017
1 - jeans madewell // 2 - winking pouch madewell // 3 - red blouse free people // 4 - eye pendant nordstrom // 5 - mara hoffman striped dress shopbop // 6 - platform boot target // 7 - brixton hat zappos // 8 - blazer jcrew // 9 - earrings madewell

for goodness sake

By 12/01/2017
so. much. content.

that has to be created - it's a lot sometimes to stay on top of it.  but i tell you, i'm trying  i want to write more.  please keep telling me how great i am at it.  maybe if you love on my ears enough i'll turn into a real girl blogger.

let's be honest.  right now, ig stories are the most fun - it's instant gratification.  i tried to stay on top of my game in mexico, but then i come home and found i've blown my wad completely and there are no pics left to share. 

but here's the good thing maybe.  it forces me to look for what's interesting.  to keep an extra eye peeled (yes, an extra eye - why not) for things that are pretty.  for color.  for angles and extras and spots and corners that may have missed my attention before.  so i think that's nice.

here's what's not #fakenews

i'm lucky that i have anna in my life to chronicle the most amazing moments.  i'm on a mission to start printing some of her photographs from our trips to frame - i started with a shot from our trip to peru.  framebridge has a new american hardwoods collection i thought i'd try.  i wouldn't usually go for a wood frame, but the vibe seemed to fit with the photo of the cacti, and it just feels sort of peruvian to me.  i'm so glad i did - the walnut is warm, but still modern and it makes me happy against the white wall. 

i framed my william mclure painting and i have to tell you, i feel extremely fancy and art-centric.  it's just who i am now.  i don't have a good pic but i do have a pic of one he just framed - lerwk!

i felt so moved by the experience that we're offering 6 of his collages custom framed on the site now, so you too can share this feeling of fance with me.

i framed my lucy auge paintings and they're real attractive - i really enjoy the red lacquer frame.  i did 4 but 3 seem to fit over the bed just fine, and one less blows tad's mind less, so it's a winning situation.  i'll make the bed up and take a real picture in due time, but for now - here's a start.

my framed guatemalan textile hangs back the back door and cheerfully says 'sup everytime i walk in the door.  i'm so glad i used it - most of my textile finds go in a stack or a pile and while there's strength in numbers, no one really gets to shine in this sort-of communist arrangement.  the guatemalan piece is living it's dream.  so inspired was i by this, that i framed the last two pieces i brought back and they're available on the site to enrich the life of 2 more artful sophisticates, like yourself.

we finished a really nice living room this week - here's a custom-built banquette in the corner smothered with pillows.

southern living named me one of the most stylish people in the south.  my mom would've plastered a tour bus with the article, so i feel pretty lucky.  she hated my red hair and surely she'd have wanted me to put on something decent, but i does what i can.

it's better than this right?

this morning we're flying to nashville to eat the foods.  rolf + daughters, husk and city house.  i brought some workout clothes purely on principle, but i doubt conditions will be favorable.  will report live on IG stories - over and out.