Friday, August 22, 2014

lulie wallace for furbish!

what's more exciting than 4 new lulie wallace prints, exclusive to furbish, signed and numbered and ready to come home with you!  up on the site today - snag one fast - there's only 25 of each and lulie is blowing up!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

fall shoes from free people

yal know i'm a leather bootie girl - so when i checked out free people's new line of fall shoes, i fell in love about 9 times.  a few non-booties in there for good measure, but everything equally as covetable.

Whiskey Sunset BootRajah Flat / Emerson Ankle Boot / Desert Gold Clog / Quartz Ankle BootFundamental Wedge / Braeburn Ankle Flat / Quartz Ankle Boot

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a few favorites from the pop-up

whoa, this one emptied out fast, but a few of my favorites are still left in the pop-up shop.  check it out here.

the school of styling

i'm a little late, but i wanted to catch yal up on an event we were so excited about sponsoring last week - the school of styling, a 3 day workshop held in raleigh, hosted by kaitlin holland.  this was the first year of the school, so i didn't quite know what to expect, but i was literally blown away by the talented women teaching and participating in the event.  every detail was photo-worthy, as you can see by my unabridged account below.  caitlin flemming, alaina and danielle from the everygirl and natalie bowen were real ladybosses when it came teaching the ins and outs of how to make pretty, from styling a bookcase to setting up the perfect instagram shot, and setting a table that's sure to make em ohh and ahh to honing calligraphy that's invite-worthy.

we had the pleasure of welcoming the students and speakers to town with a cocktail party at the store, complete with champs and complimentary manicures from our favorite nail guru at nail yeah.

take a peek at some of the outtakes, and hopefully find some inspiration from the gorgeous table settings the students created during a styling session taught by cailtin (bet you can pick mine out!).  sit tight - there's a lot of eye candy to take in.

Monday, August 18, 2014

girls travel globe - pop-up shop with proud mary

tomorrow we're going live with one of our most fun pop-up shops -- a collection of global goodies sourced by my friend and founder of proud mary harper poe and me.  we've combed a dozen countries to bring you our favorite finds, and you'll have a chance to shop starting tomorrow at 11am EST.  each item is one-of-a-kind, so make sure you curate your cart quickly!


Sunday, August 17, 2014


i'm sure you've noticed things have been a good deal less personal on the blog for a while. i've been back and forth with what i want to share about my life lately. i've been doing this for a very long time, blogging - i joke since dinosaurs roamed the internet - and when i started, i was an open book. you've watched me grow, and change, lose a job and start a company. i've shared my travels and my friends, my finds and my follies, and you've hung in there as my goals and my style constantly evolved.  from my hair to clothes, my decorating tastes and my budgets, you've been patiently along for the ride as i tried a bit of everything, and i hope to continue that journey with my readers. as i've shared before, you are the reason i am able to do what i love for a career, and employ other women, allowing their creativity a place to flourish, and essentially you guys pay my mortgage, keep me in business and keep me in check. thank you.

some things i need to need to hold a bit closer these days, in my business and personal life, but today i want to share what's important.

on tuesday august 12th my mom passed away, after a very short but very brave battle with cancer. she was diagnosed in may, started chemo and radiation in june, and made it halfway through her treatments before she could no longer fight the fatal toll the medicines were taking on her body. i've been at home the past few weeks with my family, in the hospital, holding my mom's hand as she continued to fight until the very last breath she took. we celebrated her life with friends and family this week, and yesterday, i had to leave to come to new york for several business obligations.

i feel a bit like a fish out of water - i haven't opened my computer in days. and i wasn't sure i was ready to today. but i need to honor my mom, even while the pain is fresh and loss is deeper than i could have ever imagined.

my mom taught me to love pretty things. she showed me that creating a pleasing asesthic environment was a talent possessed by few, but the results enjoyed by so many. she nurtured furbish from the very first tag sale we had in a warehouse in clemmons - by staying up countless nights painting furniture, beaming with pride when our check-out line was out the door, and continuing to encourage me to stay creative, ambitious and true to myself as i made the decision to open a real store in raleigh.

as i changed, and grew, up and away, my relationship with my mom drifted a bit. i'm not big on regrets, but i do wish i had the opportunity to tell her that she was the wellspring of every ounce of creativity i have - i don't know if i ever did while she was alive. i certainly told her every little secret i'd kept over 34 years when she was laying unconscious in the ICU (at one point i said, 'mom, if you wake up, i have some serious explaining to do'), but i didn't tell her enough when it mattered most. she was caring and kind, selfless and sincere, really funny and a true southern charmer. i am so grateful she was my mom, and i hope i can continue to make her proud by striving every day to be a good person, a driven businesswoman, a kind friend and wife, and an inspired creator.

Monday, August 11, 2014

KLS is gonna rock you

ready for round 2?  we're bringing artist kate long stevenson back for august's pop-up shop, going live tomorrow at 11EST.  her gorgeous nudes were such a hit we've commissioned 50 more exclusive pieces, oh-so-reasonably priced so that you can add to your collection without breaking the bank.  make sure to check furbish tomorrow morning and get there fast - everybody's gonna go after a kate!


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